Buying furniture online: Its problems and solutions

Most of the people of Indonesia are not familiar with transactions through online stores. Many of us are feeling anxious and afraid to be cheated by online sellers. Therefore we need tips so as not to become a victim of fraud and identify aspects of your losses. Meanwhile, you can also check out dining chairs canada if you want to have the high-class of furniture collection.

Recognize some aspects that harm you if you transact online:

1. Goods are not sent, after making payment, either in the form of DP or full payment. This is usually followed by an inactive seller number after receiving the transfer.

2. Items not to order. Often if you buy furniture online, the items you receive are not what you order, in terms of quality, shape, or model that is somewhat different or different at all. It is usually you buy goods from people who just take pictures of other people’s products and have never made it. Often you will not be responded to when complaining.

Here are tips to avoid this problem:

1. Know the image of the product you want to buy, whether it has actually been in production by the seller or just stolen from other websites. Many of the sellers are just displaying the image without knowing how to make the product on display, so you should ask to send a photo of the product ever made, although not the original photo of the product you mean, but at least you get a photo of the original product of the same kind.

2. Recognize the reputation of the store and its people. It’s easy to recognize the reputation of an online store. If displaying the origin of the image without taking into account the ability to produce, then you are taking risks if the transfer. If you display a photo of raw or unfinished items, it will also be risky if you will order the finished product. Track Store sellers or people in social media, see if they feature production photos or just photo pairs in social media. Better still if you find the video production and products that have not been sent, because if only the photo sometimes they are also just the origin of the stolen website.

3. If there is a problem with too long delivery, try to ask back your money. Usually a good and responsible seller will tolerate and refund your money.

4. Goods defective, damaged or not to order. This often happens, sometimes caused by poor delivery sometimes also due to poor production capability. To avoid this, try to pay off after the goods you receive well. If there is any damage in the delivery that is not too heavy, you can ask for a discount for regular service, and if the goods are severely damaged, far from the quality promised or different from what you ordered, you should ask for the goods replaced.

So little tips from us may help you to be able to choose the online furniture store well, and not harmed.