Step up Your Beauty

Feel the need to improve your beauty? Want to repair some flaw in your face? Z Med Clinic in Houston offers several non-surgical cosmetic treatments including cosmetic procedures, chemical peels, and laser services. The entire cosmetic treatments available in Z Med Clinic in Houston , Texas. Cosmetic procedures treatments offered are mesotherapy, botox, juvederm, and sclerotherapy. Laser services offered treatments are acne treatment, pigmented lesion and melasma, skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment.

Let’s review our cosmetic treatments. First is the cosmetic procedure. Most of the treatment used the fluid chemical material for each cosmetic problem. Each of the injection has different functions for face and body. Mesotherapy will kill fat cells to create smoother and slimmer appearance. Botox used to reduce frown lines and crow’s feet lines in certain times and sclerotherapy used to eliminate varicose and spider pain with soluted salt injection into the vein. Second is a chemical peel treatment, Z Med Clinic in Houston used neostrata chemical peels for reducing wrinkle and improve skin condition including smoothness, hydration, suppleness and skin tone. It is can remove the acne scars by balancing the oil secretion and can be used on face, neck, chest, and hands. The last one is laser services. Acne treatment and removal services combine the use of laser and light therapies with other acne treatment to totally remove the scars. Pigmented lesions and melisma treatment can remove a brown patch or pigmented skin changed using a LightPod aerolase and Alma Harmony technologies to achieve a uniform skin tone. Laser skin tightening and rejuvenation is a treatment to prevent the skin aging. This treatment will prevent the skin sagging and wrinkles in your face. All of your beauty problems have a solution in Z Med Clinic in Houston. Now, made your choice and choose the best solution for your cosmetic problem. It is time to show your beauty!