The Process Of Diabetes Occurrence

Diabetes abstinence should be completely shunned so that blood sugar cannot rise quickly and cause dangerous things. You need to avoid sweets (especially artificial sweeteners). Diabetics if blood sugar levels have gone up then he will feel the pain, even the patient is also susceptible to other chronic diseases. Many people are now affected by this disease but not aware if he suffered from this disease. Do not underestimate diabetes, get Diabetes medicine by visiting

You must know how diabetes can enter a person’s body. With so many people can avoid diabetes into his body. Here is the process of diabetes in the body:

– People with diabetes risk factors already have genes or offspring to get this disease. The genes in the person’s body will work when he can not control his blood sugar.

– When blood sugar is not controlled, the pancreas begins to lose its function. That’s because the cells in the pancreas begin to break down and cause the pancreas can not produce insulin or produce little insulin.

– Decreased insulin will cause blood sugar cannot be converted into glycogen. Glycogen is present in the liver and muscles if no glycogen can cause blood sugar levels to rise sharply. The pancreas will produce more insulin, but the quality of insulin produced has a low quality.