Excess of iPhone 7

For those of you who like gadgets, certainly no stranger to this apple output product. Yes, iPhone 7. Lots of people waiting for this iPhone presence. For those of you who already have it and are having problems with cracked screens, broken LCD or other problems with your iPhone screen, you can visit our website and get iphone 7 plus screen repair.

1. Design
Design of Apple 7 is still similar to its predecessor no extreme changes from his especially iPhone 7. As for the iPhone 7 plus has the difference from the main camera is pinned tele and wide camera. Still using metal materials but has more color variants including Rose gold, gold, silver, and 2 black finishing doff and jet black. The 2 black colors here are Black and jet black. Black Doff is a plain black that is not glossy and jet black is shiny black.

However, Apple recommends that users use additional cases so as not easily scratched. For dimensions, the size is still the same as its predecessor that is 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. One more thing in terms of design big changes is the removal of the head set jack 3.5. And replaced with the lightning connection. So later you will not be able to charge while listening to music using earphones. Even without a 3.5 audio jack you still get a lightning converter to the 3.5 jack in the sales package. So do not panic.

2. Water resistant and anti-dust
Not just splashing but the iPhone 7 is able to withstand water immersion reaching a depth of 1 meter. Although this feature is somewhat late because of its competitors have made smartphones with anti-water for a long time. But with the loss of Jack 3.5 audio will increasingly confident about the quality of water resist it.

3. iPhone 7 Camera
iPhone 7 equipped with 12 megapixels, optical image stabilization, FaceTime HD Camera, Quad-LED true tone flash. Detailed changes to the iPhone 7 camera are the addition of optical image stabilization, f / 1.8 apparatus, and 6 lens elements as well as true quad tone flash which will make the shots and video shots on the weak lighting remain maximal and satisfactory results.