Facilities That Must Be Prepared When Holding an Event!

As we know that, preparing an event is not an easy thing. There are many things that must be prepared to hold an event. From the start of the event concept, crew, event, or even what facilities that will be provided at your event in order to make the visitors feel comfortable.

Therefore, as an event organizer, it is good if we think of all the possibilities that will occur in an event. For example like giving a different facility than the event ever held before. By presenting the “surprise” at an event, then certainly the visitors will be very interested to visit again if there is a follow-up event.

Well, here are some facilities that you can provide when organizing an event!

1. Phone cell charging station
As we know that in this globalization era, technology plays an important role in human life. One of the technologies that are currently not separated from humans is a mobile phone. As we know that with the number of applications in the smartphone will be a lot of batteries are used, is not it? While at the time of attending the event, we need a smartphone to just take pictures or contact a friend to meet at the event. Therefore, it would be better if you provide cell phone charging station in every corner of the event. You can simply visit the veloxity website at https://veloxity.us/cell-phone-charging-stations-rental/ for more information on phone charging station rentals for events.

2. Interactive games
To reduce the saturation level of visitors to your event, therefore providing interactive games in every corner of your event is also a good idea. In addition to attracting attention, interactive games can also bring in many visitors.

3. Food truck
It is certain that humans cannot be separated from food. Therefore, providing a food court with a new theme is the food truck is a good idea to spice up the event that you create. In addition, to fulfill the needs of the visitors, food trucks can also add their own attraction to the event that you create!

When is the Best Time for Smartphone Charge?

Most smartphone users complain about the wasteful battery performance. Ironically, only a handful actually cares for batteries. Just like humans, the battery also needs to be maintained in order to always be healthy. One of the simplest ways to maintain battery stamina is to charge properly. Yes, charging a smartphone is not just about plugging the charge cable into a USB port. Users must recognize the correct time to charge. Do not let the phone overnight in-charge. The reason, just like humans, the battery can also be full of power. When the glut, its performance will decrease. To prevent this, you can use cell phone charging lockers, because of its size that is large enough, you will soon realize when your phone is fully charged.

We recommend that you recharge your phone battery when it is almost empty. Do not get completely empty because it is tantamount to feeding for the truly dead man. Do not also charge when the battery is still half full because it is the same as giving human food when still full. Batteries at 10 percent will absorb power faster than when the condition is 50 percent. Overcharging will have an effect on the shorter battery life. In addition, charge also not too often. Again adjust to the needs. Therefore, the battery has a charge limit alias charge limit. If it has exceeded that limit, the battery performance will decrease.

Users should recharge the phone in 10 percent condition and let it fill up to 100 percent. The cycle will be counted once. If the user to charge the phone in a state of 50 percent and then pull it off at 100 percent, the cycle counted once when the charging is only 50 percent. This mechanism is less efficient. So, pay attention to the way you do to recharge your phone, so your phone battery is not problematic and your pinsel performance better.