How to reduce the tension in watching horror movies

The rise of sprinkling of new horror films that have sprung up, increasingly curious most people to be able to watch movies horror movie, but not everyone has the courage to just watch a horror movie because do not have enough courage to see it, various kinds of hallucinations and negative thoughts always overshadow and become one of the factors which scare someone in watching a horror movie. Here are some tips and also suggestions for horror movie lovers to be able to comfortably watch and minimize fear when watching a horror movie. Aside from that, you can also visit to find a lot of horror movies online.

Watching friends with friends

The most powerful way to minimize fear when watching a horror movie is not to watch alone. Watching rollicking, be it with a boyfriend, friends, office friends, or other friends are highly recommended.

Watching games will reduce fear drastically because we take the view that we are not alone even though later the atmosphere is carried away in the movie story being watched, at least we have someone who will be frightened together. Better yet, when a friend watching a horror movie is a courageous or humorous friend, a conversation with a friend of this type will minimize his fear with his remarks.

Preparing a shield in the form of pillows or dolls

After having friends to be invited to watch, the second thing we need when watching a horror movie is a shield or reinforcements to just be a blindfold when horrific scenes occur. One recommendation is to prepare objects that are considered to be comfortable with pillows or dolls, so instantly when the movie is showing a spooky scene we can immediately embrace and sneak eyes with pillows or dolls.

Find out the movie synopsis to watch

Before setting yourself up to watch a horror movie, the first level of preparation is to know the flow of the movie we are going to watch. We should find out first how the story of a horror movie to watch. At least we know how the level of excitement of the film, whether the visualization of ghosts, whether the sound of the ghost figure or a peculiar sound peculiar.