You Can Forget Your Idea, Then It’s The Way You Can Do

You may often forget something very important to you, especially when it comes to your work and schoolwork. Especially if what you forget is an idea that has come to your head. Often the idea that has come to the bus suddenly goes away in a matter of time. If this things happen to you, then what you need is a vitamin that can improve your memory and focus. One of the vitamins you can choose is Lumonol. You can read Lumonol reviews at to get clearer information about this vitamin.

The idea that you suddenly forgot can certainly disrupt your performance in the office and school. So before the idea goes away you need to do these things:

1. Make a visual form of the idea. Because writing is easier to forget from one’s memory, then you can do another way of writing it in visual form.

2. Tell others. Before the idea you find is lost from your memory, you can tell the idea to others. Later, if you forget the idea, it is possible that someone else can remember it and recount it to you.