Negative Impact of Waste Against Sea and Human Life

Many of us are always dreaming of vacations on the beach. Many love the ocean view, play sand, breathe in the beach and also swim in the clear and fresh water. But what do we see first when we arrive? There must be trash. The beautiful beach we dreamed of has been contaminated with garbage. However, we realize that we, too, humans, who pollute it with garbage. Many beach visitors who like to throw garbage carelessly on the beach and sea. Humans are sometimes lazy to keep trash for a while until he finds a trash can or even moves in search of a trash can.

One of the impacts of waste is the waste disrupt the movement of marine animals trapped inside. The amount of waste in the sea, both floating and drowning, all disrupt the movement of marine animals such as fish, sea turtles and seals. Rubbish plastic bags, nets, and fishing lines become a barrier for the movement of marine animals. Many fish whose trips are blocked by plastics are even entangled in fishing rods. By visiting, you can find out how to solve this problem.