Know This Type Of Pasta Deeper

If you find pasta with greenish sauce, then that’s pesto sauce. Natural green color in this sauce was obtained without going through the cooking process. Pesto raw material is just basil leaves pounded with olive oil, then sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese after mixed with pasta. This one sauce is often encountered in Italian restaurants. Carbonara sauce is creamy an savory with a strong flavor of the cheese. Carbonara is a modification of alfredo which is added with more cheese and has a slice of bacon. Pasta is often served with this sauce is fettucini and spaghetti. The pasta lovers will be very happy with the variety of dishes you can find in Sweet Tomato with Sweet Tomato Prices not too expensive and affordable like weekday lunches – $ 9.49, weekends – $ 9.79 and dinner every day – $ 11.79.

Marinara is widely used as a pizza base sauce. The red color is obtained from the original tomatoes cooked with onions and olive oil. Marinara sauce is usually combined with topping seafood on pasta. The most familiar sauce in people’s ears is a modification of the marinara sauce but is added with chopped parmesan cheese and meat. Bolognese sauce has a savory taste resulting from a combination of cheese and meat. The pasta most often served with sauce is of course spaghetti.