Parabola Can Be an Internet Antenna

Feeling to be a periphery for not getting Internet access via cable modem or another high-speed network? Internet access via satellite may be the answer. When you are under a clear sky, you can use satellite access for streaming media, download large files, or just to browse the Web faster. So do not worry because now you can easily use the parabola as a source of internet connection or commonly referred to as satellite internet or internet pelosok.

Note that we did not mention the upload speed. Currently, satellite services require an analog, ISDN, or wireless modem to upload files. Every Web page you request must be transferred through the modem you currently have. This system is done to reduce operating costs.

Roughly this is how the satellite Internet access works: You call your ISP using your modem. While you are browsing a Web page, you click on a link to view other web pages. Software on your PC puts a code (called tunneling code) based on your request. Your request is not directly sent to the Web server, but rather taken to the Network Operation Center (NOC / Network Operation Center) of the satellite service located on the earth. The NOC will request the Web page you submitted, and then the Web server sends the requested page back to the NOC.

The NOC then broadcasts the webpage to a satellite, which then passes it to your satellite dish. The antenna then passes the data to your PC via a satellite modem. The whole process takes less than half a second when you finish blinking your eyes.